2013 National Safety Month

2013 National Safety Month

You run to enhance your life, and since many of those runs are likely in the morning or evening, darkness has been a factor since Daylight Saving Time ended. Because seeing and being seen are difficult in darkness, we offer a look at a number of products that make you or your way more visible.

Zensah Reflect Compression Arm Sleeves $34 Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves $44

Zensah has a reputation for its compression apparel, and some have multiple benefits. The Reflect Compression Arm and Leg Sleeves are reflective and brightly colored to increase the likelihood of being seen in a car's headlights, while on your run.

Nathan Domelight $50 and SpeedShift $50

While not always true, many runs in the dark are also during the colder months. When it is true, Nathan has a couple of clever solutions for warmth and safety, with the Domelight skullcap and the SpeedShift gloves.

Knuckle-lights $40

Knuckle lights are LED lights that strap around your hands, over your knuckles. The lightweight LED's offer both visibility and lights your path. The motion from your swinging arms makes you very noticeable to approaching cars.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 15 Light-Show $155

The Gel-Nimbus 15 is one of the hardest working shoes in the ASICS running line. Round 15 is performance oriented, and with the Light-Show edition also geared to safety.

Amphipod Xinglet Pocket $30

The Xinglet is a very effective visibility accessory, which Amphipod makes in two versions - the original Xinglet and the more versatile Xinglet Pocket. Both are a simple belt and suspenders design that appeals to runners who may not be very excited about a full vest.