2014 National Saftey Month

2014 National Saftey Month

You run to enhance your life, and since many of those runs are likely in the morning or evening, darkness has been a factor since Daylight Saving Time ended over the weekend. Because seeing and being seen are difficult in darkness, we offer a look at a number of products that make you or your way more visible.


Here are a number of products from 180’s that serve a dual purpose - improve runner safety in the dark, thanks to bright LED’s, while providing warmth from the frigid conditions found in winter.

Puma Mobium Ride NC $130

Visibility is the key word of this Puma shoe, with great reflectivity and a three mode LED, within a plastic case at the tongue. The combination of reflectivity and flashing or constant lights add to the effect, whether in total darkness or in the headlights of a car.

Nite Ize

Nite Ize has developed several products which improve runner safety in dark conditions, here are a few that are easy to use and inexpensive - particularly for the insurance they provide.