Shin Tekk $60

If you have ever suffered the pain of the overuse injury referred to as shin splints, you know that it is something that you would much rather avoid than experience. Those who have never felt this particular ache have a name - Lucky. Shin Tekk is a new tool designed to strengthen the muscles and tendons controlling the ankle joint and foot.

Scrubba Wash Bag $55

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the Scrubba® wash bag is born a clever child. Imagined and designed as a space saver for an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro, with a need to launder apparel in limited luggage space. It satisfies the needs of the habitual runner/traveler just as well, with its ability to accommodate very small to medium sized laundering, quickly and effectively.

Product of the Day: Scrubba Wash Bag $55

Physicool Combination Pack $30

Inflammation is a barrier to athletic performance. Physicool is a new product that effectively counteracts inflammation. Simply put, the product consists of two components, a cooling liquid, and a bandage that attaches with a velcro strap.

ooZeeki Iso Strength Travel $40

Stretching has a reputation - some avoid it, some swear by it. One indisputable fact is that if your range of motion is limiting your running gait then you need to restore limberness. OoZeeki is a system which extends your reach to assist in extending tight muscles and tendons, as well as strengthening the muscles and their connections.