Running CPR

Running CPR

Physicool Combination Pack $30

Inflammation is a barrier to athletic performance. Physicool is a new product that effectively counteracts inflammation. Simply put, the product consists of two components, a cooling liquid, and a bandage that attaches with a velcro strap.

ooZeeki Iso Strength Travel $40

Stretching has a reputation - some avoid it, some swear by it. One indisputable fact is that if your range of motion is limiting your running gait then you need to restore limberness. OoZeeki is a system which extends your reach to assist in extending tight muscles and tendons, as well as strengthening the muscles and their connections.

Inside the Box, TJ Murphy $18.95

The benefits of running are well documented, but it has its limitations. Other activities may reduce injury and enhance running. Author TJ Murphy presents an autobiographical look at his experience with Cross Fit.

BRD Ankle Brace $49

Active recovery can speed the resumption of regular running, and the use of a brace to strengthen an injured joint or muscle can begin that process.

Acuball $30

Self massage is a highly effective recovery technique for runners, but can be difficult to manage. The Accuball products are designed for reaching a variety of spots that require a little extra help.