Running CPR

Running CPR

Thera Wheel $50

Thera Wheel is a therapy aid for a variety of aches and pains to muscle and connective tissues. The design is unique, a wheel (hence the name) that has a tapered profile - the edge is thin at one side and thick at the other giving the wheel the ability to massage the tissues by merely rolling across the surface, and varying the pressure delivers more or less manipulation depending on preference and sensitivity.

Thera Pearl Knee Wrap $20, Shin Wrap (2 pack) $25

Thera Pearl is a product to combat inflammation. Consisting of gel-like "pearls" contained in a transparent plastic case, the polymer is equally adept at retaining either heat or cold depending on the application.

Cramer Thigh Compression Sleeve $16.49

The benefit of compression has been confirmed, both anecdotally and clinically. The Cramer Run line has a number of products designed to keep runners running - here the Thigh Compression sleeve.

B2R Level 1 Training System $80

B2R (Born2Run) is a company whose focus is on education and products to aid the success of runners and other athletes. The Level 1 Training System is aimed at developing strength and balance to allow runners to adapt to the rigor and stress of daily run training.

Dr. Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel

$25-8oz./$19-4 oz/$9-Travel Pack - Doctor Hoy’s is a product aimed at the three A’s, Athletes, Arthritics, and Anybody looking to soothe aches and pains. Available in a secure, easy squeeze 8oz. bottle to throw into your race bag, you can use it to warm up cold muscles before and soothe your aches after.