Running CPR

Running CPR

Thera Pearl Knee Wrap $20, Shin Wrap (2 pack) $25

Thera Pearl is a product to combat inflammation. Consisting of gel-like "pearls" contained in a transparent plastic case, the polymer is equally adept at retaining either heat or cold depending on the application.

Cramer Thigh Compression Sleeve $16.49

The benefit of compression has been confirmed, both anecdotally and clinically. The Cramer Run line has a number of products designed to keep runners running - here the Thigh Compression sleeve.

B2R Level 1 Training System $80

B2R (Born2Run) is a company whose focus is on education and products to aid the success of runners and other athletes. The Level 1 Training System is aimed at developing strength and balance to allow runners to adapt to the rigor and stress of daily run training.

Dr. Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel

$25-8oz./$19-4 oz/$9-Travel Pack - Doctor Hoy’s is a product aimed at the three A’s, Athletes, Arthritics, and Anybody looking to soothe aches and pains. Available in a secure, easy squeeze 8oz. bottle to throw into your race bag, you can use it to warm up cold muscles before and soothe your aches after.

Physicool Combination Pack $30

Inflammation is a barrier to athletic performance. Physicool is a new product that effectively counteracts inflammation. Simply put, the product consists of two components, a cooling liquid, and a bandage that attaches with a velcro strap.