2013 Racing

2013 Racing

Mizuno Universe 5 $125

The Universe has the distinction of being the lightest racing shoe available. The upper is a very light, closed mesh, with sublimated graphics that look like racing bib numbers stitched together - a reminder of the shoe's purpose.

adidas adiZero Adios Boost $140

The innovative Boost foam, is making its way through the entire adidas performance line. Available October 1, the adiZero Adios is the first racer to benefit from Boost, and to good effect, it is both lighter (about 8 percent) and much more responsive.

Scott T2C Pro Evolution $110

Scott's quick transitioning T2C Pro has received a complete overhaul from stem to stern, an Evolution, according to Scott. The upper is a similar closed mesh, but the transition system has been lightened with stretchy chords replacing the webbing in the heel and a smaller securing tab shaving weight, while the heel design still folds back for quick entry.

Mizuno Wave Ronin 5 $105

The Ronin has filled the "Muscle Car" role in the Mizuno racing line. Version 5 concentrates on, well everything, and the result is a superior shoe. The upper uses a similar open mesh over more of the shoe than previously, synthetic suede strapping at the heel and toe handling more of the duties than previously, when a large synthetic saddle was used.

Mizuno Wave Musha 5 $90

The Musha has been chameleon-like in the Mizuno line, one part racer, one part lightweight trainer. This round there have been few changes, all occurring in the upper, and since the fit and ride are about the same, if you are a Musha fan (and many should be) you may now breathe freely.