Mizuno Wave Precision $85

Mizuno Wave Precision $85

While not wanting to sound overly nostalgic, there have been some very good running shoes produced in years past.

The Mizuno Precision was one of these. While the review remains buried in the archives (where did is put that detonation plunger and TNT?), the specifications listed here point to a pretty effective collection of components - the assembly which performed very well, with frequent awards over the years. One other thing to note, over its 13 version run the price rose from $85 to $110, even though technology trickled down to the Precision from the higher end shoes in the Mizuno line.

Sizes: Men 6.5-12,13; Women 5-11,12       
Weight: Men 10.6 oz.(size 9); Women 9.3 oz.(size 7)
Upper: Mesh/synthetic leather upper, reflective highlights, Ghilly lacing
Midsole: CM-EVA,  synthetic rubber wave plate
Shank: Synthetic rubber
Outersole: X-10 carbon rubber
Shape: Semi-curved
Construction: Strobel slip lasted
Strength: Cushioning and flexibility
Weakness: No significant weaknesses for recommended users
Recommended for: High to medium arched feet with neutral biomechanics

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