Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Advice from 1887 book Athletics and Football

Some advice is so self explanatory that is truly elicits the response of “Duh.” Here is a valuable nugget from the 1887 book Athletics and Football, penned by the coach Montague Shearman.

Tea With Mr. Newton: 100,000 Miles the Longest Protest March in History

Today's throwback is one part book review and one part reminder of the way things used to be. The book is Rob Hadgraft's excellent biography of the old school Ultra Marathoner, Arthur Newton. Titled "Tea With Mr. Newton: 100,000 Miles the Longest Protest March in History,” it refers to government bureaucracy at its stoggiest, and Newton's hope for a platform of celebrity to speak to his financial mistreatment.

Nike Sertig

You know how some ideas just seem to make sense? You see it and you get it.

Mizuno Wave Precision $85

While not wanting to sound overly nostalgic, there have been some very good running shoes produced in years past.

Newton Motus=Motion $175

Traveling in the Throw Back Machine to Fall of 2007, we pulled this one from the archive.


Newton is a new company whose design premise enhances the naturally efficient gait of midfoot and forefoot strikers. Its system, Active Membrane Technology, employs a rubbery membrane that runs the length of the midsole.