adidas DistanceStar $65

adidas DistanceStar $65

The adidas’ new DistanceStar provides performance on a budget, and it’s surprisingly well done for the price. The upper is a breathable mesh, both light and sturdy. It offers adequate drainage for the steeplechase, with an interior that’s well finished enough to be comfortable during the longer track races.

The midsole is a full-length molded EVA wedge that’s nicely resilient and handles all competition track surfaces. The outersole has a rubber heel, and the 5 spike plate extends into the arch. Toughened foam covers the rest. If you’re looking for good spike performance at a comparatively modest price, you’ll be well served by the DistanceStar.


Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14,15; Women 5–10,11

Weight: 6.8 oz. (w/ spikes, men’s 11); 5.5 oz. (w/ spikes, women’s 8)

Spikes: replaceable; 5

Upper: mesh; no-sew overlays

Innersole sheet EVA

Outersole half-length thermoplastic plate, rubber heel

Recommended for: 1500–10,000 meters, including the steeplechase, on all track surfaces