361˚ Sensation 2 $120

361˚ Sensation 2 $120

Experience is an asset, and it’s helped the team at 361 ̊ make considerable progress in this Round 2 update. The upper trades the traditional overlays of Round 1 for lighter weight and welded support. The forefoot offers good toe room and light support withits own welded overlays.

The midfoot has a lightweight saddle that segues into a thicker layer in the rear-quarter and onto a thermoplastic external heel counter that’s stitched for added support. The lace throat is articulated, which adds some give to the laces, and the top half has heavier welded overlays to anchor the laces. The midsole retains its two-layer system: a Qu!kfoam layer that’s been completely retooled (though retaining its responsive characteristics) and the lightly touched lower layer of EVA with a small medial post through the arch. With its good stability and cushioning, the ride continues to impress. The outersole is essentially unchanged: blown rubber in the forefoot and durable carbon rubber in the heel, with plenty of segmentation for good articulation. Put it all together, and the Sensation 2 is a solid performer.

Testers: “Fits well, especially across the toes, with good flex. Nicely cushioned—bouncy even—and a good, stable base.”

Updates the Sensation
Sizes: Men 6–13,14; Women 5–12
Weight: Men 12.2 oz. (size 11); Women 9.8 oz. (size 8)
Shape: semi-curved
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted
Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate pronation

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