Brooks Pure Grit 4

Brooks Pure Grit 4 $120
    The Pure Grit is the lightest of Brooks’ trail running shoes. The upper is a tight, closed mesh with 3D-printed overlays providing some structure and a layer of protection.

361˚ Ortega

361˚ Ortega $120
    The new 361˚ Ortega brings the brand’s technology to the trail, in a subtle and effective way.

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit $175


    Have we seen the future of running shoes? We have. However, to be fair, it is the future of Nike running shoes. While there is much innovative technology in the LunarEpic, innovative technology is spreading broadly across the running footwear industry.

Spikes from the first half of the twentieth century

Taisto Maki was the first man to set a World Record by cracking the 30 minute barrier in the 10,000 meter run. Though difficult to see, if you look closely you’ll notice the shoes he is wearing are typical of spikes from the first half of the twentieth century - and even earlier, back to the mid 19th century. In that era, the shoes were made from chromed leather and featured 4 to 6 permanent spikes, which could be up to 3/4" (nearly 20 millimeters!).

2009 Puma Complete Concinnity III $95

You know that some things are a pretty good idea. Light, stable, fast, what’s not to like? If Puma had stayed this course, things could have been different.