adidas Supernova Cushion

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The success of the Supernova shoes has resulted in a whole Supernova range of shoes: stability, cushioned, and competition. The Supernova Cushion debuts as a workhorse for the efficient crowd. The fit is very close, the tailoring accomodating the curved foot. The ride is balanced with good heel cushioning transitioning to the elastic forefoot adiPRENE+, perhaps the best improvement adidas has made in recent years. You know what you are looking for, try on a Supernova Cushion and take it for a spin.

Sizes: Men 6.5-13,14,15; Women 5-12,13 • Weight: Men 12.3 oz. (size 9); Women 10.9 oz. (size 7) • Upper: mesh/synthetic suede, reflective highlights • Midsole: CM-EVA, adiPRENE, adiPrene+ • Shank: Torsion • Outersole: carbon rubber heel, EFR forefoot • Insole: PU • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: slip lasted • Strength: cushioning • Weakness: narrow width for some feet, particularly runners with a wide forefoot • Reccomended for: high to medium arched feet with neutral biomechanics