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Ratio Camino 01

Blumaka is a high-performance brand of insoles made from all types of landfill diverted recycled plastic content. With that in

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Nike Pegasus 40 e1689217718637

Nike Pegasus 40

Nike introduced a new shoe…in 1983. A companywide contest was held to name the shoe, and after hundreds of submissions,

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Craft CTM Ultra 3

Craft’s CTM series has progressed to a third round, with continued  effective trail performance. The upper of the CTM Ultra

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VimaziZ e1678144550866

Vimazi Z-50

Vimazi is a new brand from one of the big thinkers in the industry. The concept is about tuning the

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NF361Centauri e1679861625901

361º Centauri

The first priority for 361° has been to produce effective running shoes. The Centauri is a new model to 361’s

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ASICS Superblast

Testers: “Light, comfortable, and springy. Comfortable and protective to run in, with a smooth rolling feel and a nice springy

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Altra Rivera 3

The Rivera 3 is the update to Altra’s solution for runners who need a little extra toe space, instead of

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In 1972 adidas responded to an upstart brand’s innovation of nylon uppers with the introduction of a new shoe which

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ASICSNovaBlast3 e1680025614749

ASICS Novablast 3

The Novablast 3 is the latest update to ASICS’ Novablast series. Round three presents the series’ best midsole yet, along

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