adidas Supernova Rise

The Supernova franchise has a lengthy history for adidas, stretching back into the last century… at least earlier than Y2K. The Supernova Rise is a new shoe to the franchise, and it has the features to qualify it. The magic is in the midsole, a likely place to start, and here it introduces a new midsole foam. The foam is PEBA based, named Dreamstrike, and performs in keeping with the name. It is resilient and cushions without mushiness or a harsh feel, hitting the sweet spot. Thin polymer rods run from the heel through the metatarsals, sandwiched between the midsole and outersole, providing a little extra snap to the ride. The upper is a synthetic knit with a nice stretch to it, the surface covered with a textured polyurethane to shed the elements and add just a touch of structure. The outersole is a thin but durable layer of flexible rubber, that performs well, offering good traction and reasonable durability. Overall it has a protective but lively feel to pile on the miles.

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Testers: “Very smooth interior, friction free. Nice and even, well cushioned ride. Overall protective and responsive.”

New Shoe

Price: $140

Sizes: 7.5-13 Men, 6-11 Women

Weight: 11.8 oz. Men’s size 12, 7.7 oz. Women’s size 8.

Shape: Semi-curved

Construction: Strobel slip lasted, foam Strobel Board

Recommended for: For high to low arched feet with neutral biomechanics, to very mild overpronation.