adidas Tyranny

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The oppressive control of tyrannical leadership may force compliance of a wayward people. The expectation of adidas’ design team is for wayward overpronating feet to submit to the control of the Equipment Tyrrany. All this control has its soft side as the finish of the shoe is plush and the ride provides plenty of cushioning. If your foot needs some control, maybe it needs Tyranny.

Updates the Equipment Tyranny
Men 6.5-13,14,15
Weight: Men 13.7 oz. (size 9)
Upper: Mesh/synthetic overlays, reflective highlights.
Midsole: CM-EVA, adiPRENE, adiPRENE+
Shank: Torsion
Outersole: Carbon rubber
Shape: Semi-curved
Construction: Slip lasted
Strengths: Stability, cushioning, Weaknesses: No significant weaknesses for recommended users
Recommended for: Medium to low arched feet with moderate overpronation.