adidas XCS 6

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The updated XCS 6 is sweet because, as with each previous round, it’s focused squarely on high performance. Essentially a brawnier version of the adidas distance spikes, round 6 throws in a few new features to keep the shoe up-to-date. The close-fitting upper uses a cross-hatch of printed
overlays called Sprintweb to support the mesh while smoothing the interior and allowing good flexibility to the upper. The low-profile, molded EVA midsole carries over to this round as it’s proven effective for cushioning. The lugged Traxion® outersole grips well in both spikeless and spiked versions, where a six-spike setup adds extra grip. The fit, low profile, and traction of the XCS 6 deserve serious consideration.

Price: $65

Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14,15; Women 5–12 Weight: Men’s 6.3 oz./6.5 oz. (size 11, spikeless/6 spikes); Women’s 5.0 oz./5.2 oz. (size 8, spikeless/6 spikes) Fit: Snug throughout