Altra Mont Blanc C

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Altra has been partying at Ultras since their introduction to the Trail Running scene in 2011. With that kind of history and the adoption of the brand by many in the trail community, it seems a natural that some of the trends on the trail would be widely adopted, and they have been. We each have carbon in our DNA, and some of the properties of the element make it a perfect ingredient for trail running, specifically its stiffness. The Mont Blanc C is a new carbon plated, raceday trail shoe in Altra’s lineup. The plate serves a triple purpose: 1) it flexes with the foot and rolls through the stride, 2) it protects the foot from trail bumps and sharp features of the trail terrain, and 3) and it does all of that without adding weight, and allows a little less foam and a lower, more stable stack without sacrificing the foam’s protection. The outersole is full-length Vibram® carbon rubber, with grip oriented lugs for effective traction, a trail standard. The upper features rip-stop fabric, and the forefoot has a laminated foam on the interior of the upper, to lessen the effect of trail debris adversely bumping the foot in flight. Gaiter ready, the Mont Blanc C is tuned to perform.

Testers: “Fit great, trails were made for these and vice-versa.”

Essentially a new shoe, but parallel update to the Mont Blanc (for now)

Price: $260

Sizes: 7-13,14,15,16 Men, 5.5-12 Women

Weight: 10.5 oz. Men’s size 12, 7.5 oz. Women’s size 8.

Shape: Semi-curved, foot shaped toebox

Construction: Perimeter stitched slip lasted

Recommended for: For high to low arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation.