Altra Vanish XC

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The Vanish XC is a new racing shoe from Altra which melds the essence of two of their racing shoes into a new shoe for cross country. The Vanish RC and the Golden Spike shared racing DNA in the creation of a competition range for Altra, and the Vanish XC uses the same last, slimmed down to hug the foot while still leaving room in the toes. The upper is an open mesh, light and airy but ready for cross country racing conditions including the ability to drain in wet conditions. The fit is enhanced by allowing the laces to pass through any of the holes in the mesh which border the lace throat. The midsole offers a touch of cushion while flexing well at top speed, whether on manmade or natural surfaces. The outersole is a crosshatch of X’s, arranged as a matrix over the entire forefoot with rubber pared back between the X’s. The heel is configured with rubber laterally and toughened foam over the rest of the exposed sole. The attention to detail makes the Vanish XC and excellent racing shoe choice.   

Testers: “Fast! Just enough cushion, fits great, and grips amazingly.”

New Shoe 

Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15; Women 5–12

Weight: 5.5 oz. (men’s 11); 8.3 oz. (women’s 8)

Shape: semi-curved