Ampla Fly

Ampla is a new brand, perhaps a catalyst for something different, as they’ve introduced a new technology. The upper is a closed micromesh, supported by welded overlays, that is close-fitting like a racing shoe. The midsole is two layers: a softer layer near the foot and a very firm layer near the ground. The technological shift—and the visual difference in the shoe—resides between the layers, where a carbon fiber shank sports a flange that protrudes below the sole, appearing to hang toward the ground. When running, the shank’s stiffness keeps the foot lined up while the angle of the sole acts as a proprioceptive cue to move the foot strike to the sweet spot. Internally, the carbon fiber extends to the big toe to encourage an efficient toe-off. The outersole is tough carbon rubber at both the heel and toe, and softer rubber where the flange contacts the ground. While the effect is a faster feel, the shoe is really designed for neuromuscular training. The label on its tongue says it all: “Stop not running right.” 

Testers: “Snug overall, like a racer. The midfoot is stiff and holds my foot in a forward position that feels fast. Running in it seems to train the foot so it can improve my running.”


Price: $180

Sizes: Men 7–13,14; Women 6–11

Weight: 11.6 oz. (men’s 11); 9.7 oz. (women’s 8)

Shape: semicurved

Construction: Strobel slip-lasted

Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation