ASICS Superblast

The Superblast is a new shoe from the folks at ASICS, which maximizes the stack height for protection and performance. The upper is a breathable synthetic weave, with a little stretch, which wraps the foot comfortably and supportively. The midsole features the shoe's magic, with a very tall stack of lightweight and responsive foams,  FF Turbo near the foot, and FF Blast+ near the ground, for a cushy and responsive sensation. At 45.5 mm tall,  it is beyond the maximum height for elite Marathons,  but is great for marathon training. Plush, for sure,  but with a responsive feel to roll with your run. The outersole has good traction, surprising durability, and will get you where you're going with ease. Max shoes are here to stay, and the Superblast is a really good one. 

Testers: “Light, comfortable, and springy. Comfortable and protective to run in, with a smooth rolling feel and a nice springy finish.”

New Shoe

Price: $220

Sizes: Men 6-13,14; Women 5-11

Weight: 10 oz. (men’s 11); 7.9 oz. (women’s 8)

Shape: semi-curved

Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, fabric Strobel board

Geometry: Full Contact