Brooks Glycerin 5

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The Glycerin 5 has a technology upgrade, some visual and structural modifications, and raise in price. In this case it is the upgrade is to MoGo, the midsole foam which improves performance and durability, but on the plus side produces less waste. The usual adjustments to overlay position gets upended, the end result being needed support and a new appearance. The mesh is similar looking, with the same cooling result. The MoGo does not disappoint, though the feeling is slightly less responsive, but a little more noticeably cushioned. Very high-arched feet may find it a little too straight.

Testers were nearly uniform in their opinions: “Great fit with a well cushioned feeling from the first time I wore them.” and “These have bouncy cushion, perfect for my long runs” “Good balance between the shoe’s weight and the amount of cushion. They are a very good shoe that does not tire out the foot.”