Brooks Mach14

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The Mach 14 lengthens an already impressive legacy. As with other shoes, here the midsole
and outersole have been retained, as its effective grip and touch of cushioning have been
vetted through previous cross country seasons. The upper shows a flair for dramatic change, however, adopting the radical asymmetrical lacing, of its road racing sibling, the T8 Racer, that rakes toward the little toe instead of medially. It securely anchors the shoe to the foot, thanks in part, to the closed gridlike mesh. The versatile Mach 14 is suited for roads, tracks, and natural surfaces.

Spike $70/Spikeless $65

Sizes: Men 6-13.16.15: Women 8-12
Weight: Men’s 6.3 oz./6.1 oz. (size 11 w/5 Spikes/Spikeless)

Women’s 5.0 oz/4.8 oz (size: 8 w5 spikes/spikeless)

Fit: Snug heel, close forefoot