adidas adiStar Comp

adiStarComp e1707552202885

The adiStar comp is a new shoe from adidas that is designed to protect you from the longest road races. The full length adiPrene+ midsole offers a healthy chunk of protection between you and the road, more akin to the protection of your daily training shoe, but in a package that is more like your track spike. The mesh upper and thin overlays provide the support you need without weighing you down. Underfoot, recessed inserts, of similar design to the stripes of the upper, reflect the heat of the asphault away from the foot, and 360 degree venting allows air flow to release heat from the interior of the shoe.

Price: $85
Fit: Good fit, curved shape.
Recommended Range: 42K
Cushion: 10/10
Support: 9.1/10
Innovation: 10/10