EB Lydiard Marathon

EBMarathon e1706333761620

The Lydiard shoes were a collaboration between German shoemaker Eugen Brütting and the legendary New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard. Beginning in the late 60’s/early 70’s, it was discovered that the U.S. dealer for the brand was located a mere 80 minute drive, door to door, so we did. While my preference was the Sao Paulo racer, it was a bit out of the price range, so instead I collected a pair of the Lydiard Marathon. The crepe sole gave enough traction, on the roads quite good, and since most of our cross country courses had good footing they saw plenty of action. The suede upper was near glove quality, so very comfortable whether in socks or barefoot. The heel counter was made of a rubbery plastic which offered additional support to align the foot, at least a little. The open, foot-shaped design (remarkably, the same shoe model is still available today!!) offered a very comfortable fit, and the lacing was secure without cutting off circulation.