Merrell Sky Fire 2

The Skyfire was introduced as a lightweight trail shoe with a luggy profile and a lightweight upper. The Skyfire 2 is updated, specifically for an even faster purpose, to whit, it is Merrell’s ticket to FKT’s. Fastest Known Times denote a recorded effort over a specified course, typically a steep or lengthy trail up a peak, butte, bluff, hill… you get it. To ensure that Skyfire 2 users are well equipped, the upper has a slim racer profile, which is breathable, secure and features an effective heel counter. A handy elastic strap crosses the lace throat to secure the tied laces away from vegetation along the trail’s edge. The midsole stack height is 25mm/19mm, and bouncy enough for a variety of trails, from hardpack to gravelly, and even the occasional boulder. In part, its versatility is due to 1) the embedded flex plate, 2) the thin but sturdy upper which fits like a racing shoe, and 3) the luggy outersole – 5 millimeters of Vibram® carbon rubber lugs that can manage dirt, mud and even some gravel, just as long as the trail is runnable. If you like to be equipped for a fast paced challenge, the Skyfire 2 is a shoe to consider for your trail shoe quiver.

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Testers: “Fits like a track spike, grips like a mountain goat.”

Updates the Sky Fire

Price: $200

Sizes: 7-12, 13,14,15 Men, 5-11 Women

Weight: 8.3 oz. Men’s size 12, 6.5 oz. Women’s size 8.

Shape: Semi-curved

Construction: Strobel slip lasted, EVA Strobel board

Recommended for: For high to low arched feet with neutral biomechanics.