Montrail Kinabalu

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Mount Kinabalu is a Malaysian volcanic cone, with the expected rugged terrain of steep ascents and descents. The Montrail Kinabalu is a trail running shoe, not coincidentally designed for rugged terrain. The upper is a closed mesh with sueded overlays across its vamp, for support and protection. The toe piece is rubbery, to protect from rough surfaces associated with rocky contours. The midsole is Montrail’s effective molded EVA, here a substantial slab for cushioning and protection. The outersole feature low profile lugs and tread, with blunt, low profile TPU spikes to offer additional traction. While designed for loose to rocky surfaces, they do a good job negotiating the paved variety as well.

men 7-13,14,15 women 5-11,12

Sticky rubber compound, TPU forefoot spikes/cleats