Newton Motus+Motion

Newton is a new company whose design premise enhances the naturally efficient gait of midfoot and forefoot strikers. Its system, Active Membrane Technology, employs a rubbery membrane that runs the length of the midsole. The forefoot is cushioned via EVA actuators that move up through the midsole to stretch the mem- brane as the forefoot strikes the ground. As the pressure is reduced at toe-off, the membrane quickly returns to shape, providing propulsion. The heel is a slab of EVA with a hollowed out center section over which the membrane stretches. All of the weartesters said that this technology did feel different than a typical running shoe. The minimal overlays, high-quality materials, airy meshes, and well-thought-out design make them very lightweight. Add its innovative technology and the Motus=Motion wins our Best New Shoe honors. Newtons are available through their website at

Testers: “The cushioning is effective and the fit just right. They’re sweet.”


Price: $175

Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15; Women 5–11

Weight: Men 10.7 oz. (size 11); Women 8.7 oz. (size 8) 

Shape: semi-curved

Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board

For: medium to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation