Nike Orienteer

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In the early 1980’s Nike was looking to expand its reach into Europe. As a running company, they of course, were looking to expand to all corners of the running world. One corner, obscure to American running, was the Map and Compass sport which combined running with orienting oneself to an unmarked course – officially know as Orienteering. On top of these parameters, the area to be traversed was usually heavily wooded and the corners involved required some brainpower as well as lung power. The shoe model pictured above was a pair which were never worn – its twin was caked in mud from its only race, and given away many years ago. The upper was a woven, vinyl covered version which was remarkably similar to the Nike Roadrunner. The midsole consisted of a foam wedge in the heel with little to speak of in the forefoot. The outersole was a toothy lugged profile, well equipped for the often boggy terrain. With the revival of so many once comatose sports, is Orienteering due for a resurrection?