Nike Terra TC

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When roaming the aisles at trade shows, it has been on a number of occasions that my paths have crossed with people looking to meet with developers, designers, and marketers. The meetings they are hoping will be successful are aimed at materials, purposes, and uses, which will allow the creation of the next big thing in running. One serendipitous occasion happened when his child’s chew toy caught the attention of a freelance footwear developer. The material was identified after a successful search, and the producer was connected, thanks to the developer – with a group in Beaverton, Oregon. The material used in this setting was coined under the name of Phylon, and made up the midsole of a new shoe in the Nike line. The Terra TC was lighter than similar shoes, and had a cushy ride, also noticeably cushier and lighter than shoes with a similar profile and protection. Downside? A little soft and not very durable – a bit like the PEBA material in the first Super Shoes, though very effective with a great ride, especially when they were in a rotation and used for up-tempo days and races.