Nike Zoom XC/Waffle Racer

The Nike Waffle has been THE mainstay in cross country racing shoes for 30 years. This season the XC (spiked vesrsion) and Waffle Racer (spikeless version) receive some attention to the outersole with a more versatile lug configuration. The upper sports noticeably new sublimated designs, and a redesigned supportive rand. The XC sports a spikeplate which actually makes it lighter than the Waffle Racer. Both shoes offer outstanding value with prices as low as any of the shoes on the market.

Testers: “Hugs the foot well, very secure. Traction all day long, and really great cushioning and protection.”

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Price: $50 XC/$40 Waffle
Weight: 7 oz XC (with pins)/7.1 oz. Waffle
Fit: snug heel, roomy toe box.