Phillips Wireless Sport Bone-Conduction Neckband Headphones

There are two kinds of runners I’ve met in this world: those that like music, and those who like to run to music. Those who like to run with music, like it to be convenient, and they’d like to not be run over by a Semi-Tractor Trailer that they didn’t hear coming. Phillips has introduced a new headphone that has features to make that music enhanced run the best concert it can be. Two of those particular features have to do with safety. 

Out of the gate, an effective pulsing red light spreads across the back band, increasing your visibility, while the open ear headphones allow you to hear what is going on around you while running, and it’s light enough that you may forget that you are wearing it, especially since it lightly clings to your ears. The sound is enhanced by bone conduction, that is the vibrations travel to the bones in your inner ear – pretty cool science stuff (you remember the hammer, anvil, and stirrup from high school biology, right?). The open ear design allows you to hear what is going on around you. Controls are simple, volume control buttons on top of the right pod, on/off on the bottom of the same pod. The playlist is provided by your phone with an easy download. The charger features a magnetic contact that connects to the bottom of the volume control pod, on the left side. Two clips are strung on the charging cable, which snap to the back band to maintain contact. The USB connection will fully charge the unit for 9 hours of music playtime, if you remember to toss it on the charger, but in a pinch you can get 1 hour of playtime for only 15 minutes of charging. So, get out for your daily run while enjoying the sounds of your favorite tunes from your first steps to your chosen finish line. 


Price: $199

Sizes: One size conveniently fits all

Weight: 24 grams

Type: Bone Conduction

Connection: Blue Tooth 5.2

Charge: USB