Puma Doctrine

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Consistency in production is critical to maintaining a shoe that works well. Puma has turned a corner with KMS 100, a quantifiable formula which allows for consistency of their EVA. The Doctrine is filled with technology and it performs as expected with a well cushioned ride in a shoe which, while not a light weight, doesn’t weigh more than necessary. Cushioning and durability is pretty fundamental. Doctrine.

Price: $80
Sizes: Men 6.5-12,13,14; Women 5.5-10,11.
Weight: Men 11.6 oz. (size 9); Women 9.8 oz. (size 7).
Upper: Mesh/synthetic overlays, 3M reflective highlights.
Midsole: KMS 100, ldCELL, iCELL.
Shank: ArchTec.
Outersole: Everlite
Shape: Semi-curved
Construction: Slip lasted
Strength: Cushioning, Weakness: No significant weaknesses for recommended users
Recommended for: High to medium arched feet with neutral biomechanics.