Reebok FloatRide Energy Symmetros 2

When it comes to running shoe names, some are longer than others. When it comes to reviewing shoes, a name can be important, and FloatRide Energy Symmetros speaks volumes. The short of it is that Reebok makes some really good, reasonably priced running shoes. The FloatRide Energy Symetros 2, is a continuation of a versatile, high mileage, durable, well cushioned running shoe. The ride is firm but forgiving, thanks to its pelletized foam combined with a polyurethane insole and Strobel board. The closed mesh upper fits well, sheds moisture but also wicks excess moisture from inside the shoe. The outersole, like other shoes in the FloatRide family, is a grippy carbon rubber with a versatile tread design which crosses over from roads to light trails. If your budget restricts your footwear choices, there is much value to be had with the FloatRide Energy Symmetros 2, but if money is not an issue, Reebok’s running shoes are still an excellent option.

Testers: “Great cushion and comfort at a reasonable price. Durable, and even looks pretty good.”

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Price: $140

Updates: the FloatRide Energy Symmetros

Sizes: Men 7–13,14; Women 5–11
Weight: 10.0 oz. (men’s 11); 7.9 oz. (women’s 8) 
Shape: semi-curved 
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, PU Strobel board
Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics