Reebok Fusion DMX Lite

The introduction of the Fusion for spring provided day to day cushioning in a shoe arguably light enough to race in. A weakness for some with the shoe was an upper material of synthetic suede which proved to keep the heat in a little too well. The Fusion DMX Lite has retained the success of the DMX cushioning while featuring an open mesh upper which fits well and keeps the foot cool. The durable Electrolite midsole/outersole material has proven to be very versatile, comfortable, and effective, while still presenting a daily trainer which can take the wear and tear of daily training and faster paces, as well as perform well in races from 5k to 20k (or longer).

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Updates the Fusion

Sizes: Men 6.5-14,15 Women 5-12

Features: Open mesh/synthetic leather upper with Ghilly lacing and reflective highlights. 3D Ultralite midsole/outersole with DMX cushioning system from heel to forefoot.

Last shape: semi-curved; Construction: Strobel slip lasted.

Strength: Exceptional cushioning. Weakness: No significant weaknesses.

Recommended for: Medium-high to low arched feet with neutral biomechanics.