Scrubba Wash Bag

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the Scrubba® wash bag is born a clever child. Imagined and designed as a space saver for an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro, with a need to launder apparel in limited luggage space. It satisfies the needs of the habitual runner/traveler just as well, with its ability to accommodate very small to medium sized laundering, quickly and effectively.

The design and use are intuitively simple. A bag holds the clothing, detergent, and water – extra space is removed by expelling air from an external bladder, and one internal surface has a washboard texture to scrub a foamy lather. Rinse, wring, and roll it in a towel, squeeze till damp, then hang dry and and your gear should be good to go for the next run.

My experiences allowed one running outfit to manage a run each day of a five day trip, with everything fitting into my carry-on roller bag. Additional information, including ordering as well as other products, is available at their site: