Under Armour Flow Velociti Elite

Under Armour has made significant progress in the Performance arena working with a cadre of elite athletes which they sponsor. Their most significant jump was twofold, a super shoe – the Flow Velociti Elite, and their athlete Sharon Lokedi, who wore the shoes to victory at the 2022 New York City Marathon. So what is so great about the shoes? We’re glad you asked.

Beginning with the upper, Under Armour’s next generation textile, Warp 2.0, a gauze-like mesh supported by narrow stitched webbing which is secure, breathes well and feels almost as if you are running barefoot. The midsole is a two-part stack of performance, pelletized Pebax foam near the foot and UA Flow near the ground. The Flow is actually UA’s supercritical foam toughened with elastomers and enhanced by the patterned sole to both grip the ground while cushioning the foot, without any additional rubber for an outersole.

There is a “secret sauce” involved, in the form of a curved carbon fiber plate, de rigueur in the midsole of today’s super marathon racers. While not a “me-too” strategy, as it has been thoughtfully well done in an alternate configuration, it does ante up to the serious Marathon game. Overall, the Flow Velociti Elite is an effective racing option that has proven its mettle, both in performance and in performances.

“Like a magic slipper, if a magic slipper was designed for a marathon. Great cushion and a fast, snappy toe-off.”

Price: $250
Sizes: Men 5–12,13; Women 6.5–13
Weight: 7.9 oz. (men’s 11); 6.3 oz. (women’s 8)
Shape: semi-curved
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, textile Strobel board.
Geometry: Full Contact, beveled heel.