Vimazi Z-50

Vimazi is a new brand from one of the big thinkers in the industry. The concept is about tuning the shoe to the biomechanics as well as the tempo of the runner. This is accomplished by altering the density of the cushioning in both the heel and the forefoot to match the forces applied at foot strike and toe-off.

The Z-50 is designed for the 7-8:30 minutes per mile pace, by featuring a different set of densities in the heel and forefoot of the shoe, and also different from the tuning of their other models. The upper is a smooth textile, with a heel design that hugs and conforms to the foot. The midsole has a responsive feel, its different densities in heel and forefoot adapting to the gait effectively and responsively. The outersole is carbon rubber at the edges of the heel and forefoot, with a toughened exposed foam down the center, textured in the forefoot for grip. The sum of the parts is an effective running tool for your daily endorphin fix.

Testers: “Great concept, and really does feel and fit right for me. Who knew physics played a role in my running?”

Price: $175
Sizes: Men 8–12,13,14; Women 6–10,11
Weight: 9.9 oz. (men’s 11); 6.5 oz. (women’s 8)
Shape: semi-curved
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, textile Strobel board.
Insole: PU
Geometry: Full Contact, beveled heel

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