Welcome to Shoe School!

Running is the most basic sport of all, and the most essential skill for all of the most active sports devised by sports people. Imagine a soccer game without running, uh, no. Basketball? Football? No action without our speediest gait.

Track and Field, or as the rest of the English speaking world knows it Athletics, is a celebration of running.

Of course there are some other specialties sprinkled amongst the various events which utilize explosive power, the Shot Put, Discus Throw, and Hammer Throw being the outliers of the track and field events. Each of the other events have a run involved to generate speed.

Ever seen a baby learning to walk? As soon as possible they are trying out running, and unless you want some major mischief, so are you.

The purpose of this brief introduction to Shoe School is to apply a few key concepts.

First, running shoes are for running. Yes, they are really comfortable, if you get the right pair, but there are things you ought to know about how to select them for yourself, because people will be happy to tell you their horror stories about terrible running shoes.

Second, there are hundreds of styles, and many dozens of different brands that manufacture running shoes, so a process of elimination could take years.

Finally, depending on your particular Love Affair or Love/Hate relationship with running, you wouldn’t have seen this without some deft navigation through the Interwebs, so consider Running Product Reviews Shoe School your key to footwear higher education.