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Fila Flow

The Flow has received attention to the upper which will turn heads, a seeming prerequisite of Fila shoes for faster

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Fila FGT320K1

Fila has sleeves, and every so often they reveal that something which has been residing up those sleeves. The FGT

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Brooks Hyperion II

Shoe improvement depends on determining what worked well enough to deserve a second chance. The Hyperion II seems to have

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adidas Tyranny

The oppressive control of tyrannical leadership may force compliance of a wayward people. The expectation of adidas’ design team is

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Puma Doctrine

Consistency in production is critical to maintaining a shoe that works well. Puma has turned a corner with KMS 100,

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adidas Response

Apparently the 2001 Response needed to make a statement for the millennium. Visually the shoe is dramatically different from its

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Diadora Mythos 280

Diadora has consistently produced shoe updates with gradual improvements from season to season. The differences between last year’s Mythos 280

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Fila Rejuvenate

Motion control shoes don’t have to be stodgy, there are folks who need motion control shoes that finish at the

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adidas Ozone

Knowledgeable consumers are aware that adidas has a penchant for making simple, cushioned shoes which work well. Enter the Ozone,

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Nike Presto

Special projects seem to abound at Nike. The product of the wild imaginings of the designers and developers are several

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Updates make some people upset. Done right, they can please those same people. One of our wear testers, an ardent

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Nike Durham

The Durham may be the most fitting tribute of the new Bowerman series of shoes. The straight last, saddle upper

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adidas Incision

The attention adidas pays to the trail category is exemplified by the sub-categorization of “precision trail,” to which the Incision

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Brooks Gila 2

Each Brooks addition to the trail line has built on the strengths of their previous offerings. This may seem like

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Reebok 3D Areeba

The 3D Areeba is the update to the Areeba, now equipped with Reebok’s 3D Ultralight, the toughened midsole/outersole configuration which

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