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Turntec Predator

Turntec was the brainchild of longtime running footwear innovator Jerry Turner. Previously, President of Brooks Sports, Turner introduced Ethylene Vinyl

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Nike Aqua Sock

Nike introduced a new shoe at about the time I made a transition to another endurance sport: Triathlon. The Aqua

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ASICS Explorer

The Explorer expanded ASICS’ reach into the technological approach to running cushioning and comfort. The slotted grooves in the single

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Nike Orienteer

In the early 1980’s Nike was looking to expand its reach into Europe. As a running company, they of course,

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Nike Terra TC

When roaming the aisles at trade shows, it has been on a number of occasions that my paths have crossed

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Nike Yankee

Shoe names come from all kinds of places, some named for famous events, some for geographic locations, and some like

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Tiger Spartan B

Onitsuka Tiger introduced the Spartan B spike just in time for Ben Jipcho to beat, then shatter the steeplechase World

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adidas Tokyo

The Olympic Games first graced the capitol of Japan in October of 1964. As was often the case, a new

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Nike Elite Waffle

The Nike Elite Waffle (Elite for short) joined the Waffle family that Nike had established with the introductions of the

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Nike Roadrunner

The Roadrunner joined Nike’s lineup as a reasonably priced model that could get the job done. My collection ended up

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adidas Runner

The Runner followed in the footsteps of the SL-72/76 as a high mileage daily trainer with a breathable synthetic upper.

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Puma Sprint

As the name suggests, this was a sprint shoe. For my purpose they were entirely used for hurdle races sans

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EB Lydiard Marathon

The Lydiard shoes were a collaboration between German shoemaker Eugen Brütting and the legendary New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard. Beginning

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Lydiard Road Runner

The collaboration between Eugen Brütting and Arthur Lydiard was a brilliant partnership. Each bringing value to the running world. The

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Karhu Steeplechase

The Karhu brand from Finland, has been around more than 100 years. I spent a summer there traveling, running, shopping,

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Puma Claw

The ban of the Puma Brush spike and subsequent 200 meter world record being disallowed, caused the engineers, technicians, cobblers,

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